Wednesday, May 20, 2009

officially done with massart, thank jesus. place is sterile.

i want the rest of the summer to look like this:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


semi recent things: got a job playing with/yelling at kids*. crashed my car. got a cooler car**. quit working at karma yoga***. got into the museum school****. got certified to teach kids yoga, although too preoccupied with cycling list of to-do's to start teaching.

i've set aside two weeks in August to ween myself off of my agenda book and forget what it's like to be a way too dependable 20 year old. activities will include getting lost in the woods, playing in swimming holes, and hunting yetis.

*theory books make me question my job.
**a '97 volvo station wagon, beat that.
***after sleeping through my shift five times and breaking the key off in the doorlock twice.
****theory books get me stoked to go to smfa.

other things, i'm learning bass so i can be the next Om, and i turn 20 soon. oh god.